Google ‘Chromoting’ App for Android to Offer Remote Desktop In the Palm of Your Hand

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News Posted: Sat, Jul 20 2013 3:19 PM

The market is hardly devoid of remote desktop apps, but it is rather lacking in good ones. Google has for a couple of years offered a solution for Chrome desktop users which is decent, called Chrome Remote Desktop, and in the future (how far, we're unsure), it'll be bringing the same sort of functionality to Android.

The announcement of "Chromoting" came in the form of a simple Google+ post by Google developer François Beaufort, who stated that the app is absolutely in its initial stages of development. So far, all we can be shown is the shot below, a mere application icon (which mimics the one for Chrome Remote Desktop perfectly).

At the moment, the app is able to authenticate, query the Chrome server, connect and communicate via XMPP/ICE and establish peer-to-peer communication with the host. No desktop video can be seen yet, so we've indeed got a long ways to go.

As a heavy mobile Chrome user, I'm looking forward to being able to take advantage of this app. I already appreciate the ability to hop on my phone or tablet and navigate to the exact Web pages I have open on any one of my desktops, so the ability to further that and actually gain access to the desktop itself is highly intriguing. Plus, for those who already remote into their desktops and happen to use Chrome, it might just result in one less piece of software that needs to be installed.

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Iteleport is a great product

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Not exactly sure what the point of this article is... you can use remote atm with Chrome PC to PC? Or it's still feature in development? Kinda lacking on some details/background.

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