Google Play Store Hits 50 Billion App Downloads, Wallows In Good Fortune

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News Posted: Sat, Jul 20 2013 2:46 AM
Apple recently hit the 50 billion app download mark with its App Store; Google just did the same. Apple did it in five years; Google did it (between the Android Market and Google Play store) in four.

Further, Mashable says that Google CEO Larry Page noted that the company has paid out more money to Android app developers in the first half of 2013 than it did in all of 2012. This of course follow news that Google pulled in a cool $14 billion in Q2, not to mention the fact that 1.5 million Android devices are currently being activated every day (with 1 billion total activated Android devices within reach before the weather turns cold).

Google Play Store, source of 50 billion Android app downloads

Competitor Apple is of course still raking in money hand over fist, but its headlines have more to do with rumors about a cheap iPhone, production delays, and far-off innovations than big, concrete wins--some of those WWDC announcements notwithstanding. Microsoft, despite all its recent woes, pulled in a $5 billion profit during Q2--but if you’re keeping track at home, that’s barely over a third of Google’s take for the same time period.

Clearly, things are going swimmingly for Google. Larry Page is probably sleeping pretty well these days.
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Great achievement! =D

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samwelaye replied on Sat, Jul 20 2013 2:11 PM

microsoft profited 5 billion. Google's 14bn was revenue. You cant compare the two... in an article just a few days ago (the one linked by clicking the "pulled in a cool 14bn), it even states google's net income was a little over 3bn.

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I feel so bad for Microsoft - said no one ever!

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