Microsoft Cuts Surface RT Tablet Pricing 30 Percent Across the Board on Weak Sales

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News Posted: Mon, Jul 15 2013 8:50 AM
If you've been waiting (and waiting) for Microsoft to lower the price of its first Surface RT tablet, now's the time to jump. With many reports suggesting that weak sales are the root cause, Microsoft has gone ahead and slashed the entry-level Surface RT by $150, landing it at just $349. That's a sizable cut for the 32GB model, and while those who will need full Windows 8 support won't find it any more attractive, those just testing the tablet waters may.

Staples and a few other partner outlets began slashing the price last week, and now Microsoft itself has made the cut official in its own web store. Despite millions in advertising, going up against the iPad has been a tough challenge. You may recall a similar fight years ago, as Microsoft pushed the Zune against the iPod, advertised like crazy, eventually resorted to price cuts, and finally gave up the fight.

We're guessing the Surface family still has legs, but it's clear that going toe-to-toe with Apple on price hasn't worked out so well.
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Its sad cause the surface is the better product, and the surface pro is 1000x better then the iPad, iPad is not an innovation its an over sized iPod and people shouldn't even consider it a tablet.

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ajm531 replied on Mon, Jul 15 2013 11:35 PM

ill try not to rant but first off no one is calling it a innovation(ok maybe apple did) and even though it inst an innovation perse  apple was the one that truly mainstreamed the tablet and to be completely honest the surface may have not surfaced(ha pun intended) for a more extended period of time because pretty much everyone wanted to jump on the tablet gravy train when the ipad became so popular. Also i agree the pro is better than the ipad but the regular surface sucks due to its horrible app support. One last thing i actually bought and liked the zune(*GASP*). May it rest in piece(s).

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