Sprint Intros Unlimited Guarantee and New Unlimited Plans

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News Posted: Thu, Jul 11 2013 11:35 PM
Well, it's pretty easy to tell which U.S. carriers are doing well, and which aren't. Verizon and AT&T recently extended the length of time required for its customers to get a subsidy on a new phone, while T-Mobile and Sprint are both making some pretty consumer-friendly moves. Clearly, those first two are raking in the cash. Sprint, however, has been slipping for years. The carrier has trumpeted its unlimited data option for some time now, but that's seemingly not enough. This week, it's introducing a wild new unlimited guaranteed plan for those who are ready to tie the knot with an operator.

The Sprint Unlimited Guarantee guarantees customers unlimited talk (calls to any wireline or mobile phone), text and data while on the Sprint network, for the life of the line of service. This guarantee is applicable to both new and existing customers who sign up for Sprint's new Unlimited, My WaySM plan or My All-inSM plan. The new Unlimited, My Way and My All-in rate plans feature unlimited talk, text and data while on the Sprint network for as little as $80 per month. With the Unlimited, My Way plan, Sprint customers can also customize their wireless plan to meet their family's needs, including mixing smartphones and basic phones, selecting their data options, and adding up to 10 lines all on the same account. As customers add additional lines to their account, the more they can save on each line every month. For example, on lines four to 10, customers can get unlimited talk, text and data for as little as $50 per month.

Customers first select the number of lines; all lines come with unlimited talk to any wireline or mobile phone and text. Customers then choose their data for each line: $30/month for unlimited data on smartphones or $10/month for unlimited data on basic phones. Additional options include $20 for 1GB of data on smartphones or basic phone users can choose not to add data to their account. Customers also have the choice to activate mobile hotspot functionality on their smartphone for $10 per month for 1GB of data on the Sprint network.

Of course, there's nothing preventing Sprint from upping the price of each service in the future, but still -- it's an interesting tactic.
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As a person looking into carriers it is great to see Sprint keep stepping up. Especially after the low scores given to both ATT and Verizon by the EFF.

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ajm531 replied on Sat, Jul 13 2013 9:31 PM

This whole unlimited guarantee thing sounds scary actually. Its almost yelling "hey unlimited is going away sooo get on this guarantee while you can". that might just be the pessimist in me but still i have my reservations

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