BlackBerry Chief Pleads for Patience as Company Undergoes a "Complex Transition"

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News Posted: Wed, Jul 10 2013 9:56 AM
BlackBerry, or the company formerly known as Research In Motion (RIM), may find itself a Guns 'N Roses fan, and in particular the song Patience. That's what BlackBerry's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Thorsten Heins is asking from investors as the company continues to come up short of expectations during what's been deemed a "complex transition."

"We are still in the midst of a major, complex transition of the this company, and like most of these transformations, progress can be volatile," Heins said during the company's annual meeting, according to USA Today.

BlackBerry Z10

His words must have been somewhat inspiring to investors, who reacted by sending the company's share price up almost 1 percent on Tuesday, closing at $9.64. That's in stark contrast to the way things have been going, with BlackBerry's stock having fallen 19 percent in 2013 before Heins gave his speech.

The challenge for BlackBerry is in trying to reclaim relevance in a mobile market that's now firmly dominated by Android and iOS. Be that as it may, the company is forging ahead with a new name, a new platform (BlackBerry 10), and new devices. New strategies could also be in the cards, such as licensing, though Heins was quick to warn against thinking "just narrowly in terms of licensing," adding that its technology could end up in cars.
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Dave_HH replied on Wed, Jul 10 2013 10:27 AM

Complex transition for sure. It's more like a transformation of their entire business model.

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Kidbest100 replied on Wed, Jul 10 2013 11:03 PM

Yeah I agree. There's so many things going on with them at once I don't think that title does their situation justice.

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I seriously don't know one person that owns a blackberry. How are these guys still around? They better bring something new to the table to get people to give up their androids or iphones. I just don't see it happening.

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i just dont like black berry, i remember their old phones, pretty ugly with all that buttons, but now theyve changed the design, now it looks nice

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