Samsung Shipped 20 Million Galaxy S4 Devices, Still Trails iPhone

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News Posted: Wed, Jul 3 2013 1:40 PM
Though Samsung has yet to release an official statement, it's being reported in a Korean newspaper that the company has now sold 20 million Galaxy S4 devices in the past two months since launch. If true, it would be an impressive feat and represent a doubling of sales since just over a month ago when Samsung announced it had shipped 10 million handsets.

The Galaxy S4 is clearly the most popular Android handset out there right now, but is it the most popular smartphone? Based strictly from the sales figures, the answer would be no, as that distinction still belongs to the iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Specifically, it took the Galaxy S4 68 days to reach the 20 million shipment milestone, which is faster than its predecessor. However, as The Verge points out via sales data from Strategy Analystics, both the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 have been selling at a slightly faster clip than the Galaxy S4.

The numbers are so close that all it really amounts to are bragging rights for either camp. Even if it's not the fastest selling smartphone ever, the Galaxy S4 is right up there
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SmogHog replied on Wed, Jul 3 2013 7:46 PM

Does this include all S4 versions worldwide.

If this was an article only about the S4 then it would have been a good read.

Just about every single article about a Samsung product has some Apple news or talking points thrown in.

Sometimes a Samsung article has more Apple than Samsung.

Where does Apple sell well?In the US

There's no escaping the grip of the Apple Store once you're in it's clutches.

Tech savvy folks tend not to buy Apple.

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I like this phone more than other ones on the market. I like its unique features that no other phones have.

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Dude, Samsung and Apple are in direct competition. For the most part, Samsung is mentioned in Apple articles too.

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