Rare Apple-1 Computer Auctioned Off For $671,400 - 520,000 Euro

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News Posted: Sat, May 25 2013 12:25 PM
The auction price for one of the original (and still working) Apple-1 computers started at $116,000 and was expected to fetch somewhere between $260,000 and $400,000 when Christie’s put it on the block in Germany. Instead, it set a record: $671,400, or about $520,000 euros.

The previous record, according to the New York Times, was set at an auction of another working Apple-1 last year at $640,00. (We’ll resist the urge to make an “Apple tax” joke here.)

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Originally, the Apple-1 sold for $666.66 back in 1976 (or roughly $2,700 when adjusted for modern-day inflation). It’s possible that there were only 200 Apple-1’s ever made, and reportedly only 50 or so still exist, which makes them rather rare. The fact that the last two still work is incredible.

The value also comes a bit from the mystique around Apple and its founders, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Their company and technology went from garage-built prototypes to one of the biggest and most storied tech companies in the world.
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I'm thinking the seller might get sued for "sales infringement patent"

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sevags replied on Sat, May 25 2013 5:05 PM

What a waste of money unless it's a museum who bought it and plans to display it.

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i have the first one came out , how much will value itself.

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@sevaqs its not a waste of money if the buyer is an collector!.

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