Need Advice: To Under Volt, Under Clock for Cool Constant Summer running

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countryboy Posted: Sat, May 11 2013 10:16 AM

Hi All,

 This is a querry for undervolting, underclocking, and low voltage and even lower speed settings in order to reduce heat in my system for the coming summer, so I can run the system during most of the hot summer ( I will shut it down during heat waves etc) without worrying about overheating

 while I listen to music with it.

 I'm running an AMD M5A99FX R2.0 Pro, with an old/previous generation Phenom II X4 B97 95 watt chip in it running stock @ 3.2ghz, cool 'n quiet, and C1E enabled. Running in medium power saving mode via bios.

 The CPU was hitting 64-65 degrees after brief half hour or so Counterstrike Global Offensive stints., yet remains in the mid to upper thirties most other times. My Vcore was maxing at 1.380 volts,So I dropped my minus CPU offset by .125 volts, and upped CPU load line calibration from regular (0%) to medium (25%). Now I'm down to 53 degrees celsius

in Counterstrike Global Offensive instead of going into the sixties..


 I have a huge CPU cooler, a cooler Master MONSTER Hyper 612 PWM, with one fan on it, with very good thermal paste properly applied,

 in a CM690 II case with 5 case fans,(2 intake, 3 exhaust) . I dropped my cpu - offset voltage by .1250

 or so,  to reduce CPU heat, giving my vCore a max of about .816 at idle, 1.032 at P2 state (or medium speed), and 1.260 volts at full speed, and  my  ram is only running at only  401.4mz @ 7,7,7,20,27, 2T just to be conservative,

and it's voltage is 1.515.

  CPU/NB current capability set to 100%, CPU Power Duty Control is set to T.Probe, CPU power phase control set to standard, EPU power saving ON, and all other AI tweak settings in regular or auto to keep temps down, as I'm currently NOT looking for

overclock, I am trying to get the system stable and cool running, and MAYBE only after that would I dabble in any performance tweaks, long,long down the road if ever.

 Dropping my CPU - (minus) offset voltage by .125 seems to have helped quite a bit, however, I'd like to lower all of my voltages to reduce heat in my system because of impending summer weather,

 which is primarily running itunes mostly, but some Countrstrike/games here and there too.

  So, my question/questions are : What North Bridge and South Bridge, as well as North Bridge Hyper transport voltages and speeds would be recommended strictly for cool stable running this summer? And, what other settings would keep the system cool running,  maybe CPU Voltage Frequency, CPU/NB offset voltage?

 My knowledge of tweaking is limited, and under volting under clocking is not something I'm too good at yet. But, at least I can drop my vCore to cool things down.  Thanks for any input in this endeavor. 

 System Specs: Cooler Master CM 690 II case

                              Motherboard Asus M5A99FX Pro R 2.0 Motherboard with  BIOS ver. 1302 ( there's 1 newer one, ver 1503)

                              CPU Phenom II X4 B97 95 Watt C3 stepping (someday a Piledriver I assume)

                              Seasonic G Series 550 watt PSU

                              DDR3 Kingston Hyper X 1600 (2 X 4gb)

                              CPU Cooler Cooler Master Hyper PWM 612

                              GPU Asus ENGTS 450 1gb Direct CU (GTX 650 ti 192 bit hopefully)

                              DVD Drive Asus

                              Hard Drive Seagate Constellation Enterprise SATA ST1000NM0031 1TB SED ( 256gb SSD hopefully some day)

                              Sound Card Asus Xonar DX pcie

                             Case fans Masscool 140mm ball bearing, 2 top, 1 bottom, Coolermaster 120mm

                              1 front, 1 rear, one 4 pin 120mm PWM fan on the CPU heatsink

                              Uninterrupted Power Supply Tripp Lite Sine Wave

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I seem to have fixed the CPU heating up, by:

 1.  Disabling one core out of four.

 2. Downloading Asus Fan Expert, and adjusting CPU fan RPM's via PWM on M'board.

 My temps went down dramatically.

 I will re-enable the 4th core again, now that I have gotten my temps down (34c after CS Global Offensive).

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realneil replied on Sat, May 18 2013 11:09 PM

I find that summer temps are easily handled by stock clocks (everything at default settings) and high volume, low noise fans everywhere. Your CM 690 case has a lot of airflow, I have two of them here. (EDIT: my two 690s are Centurion models) This case when loaded with good fans should be able to cool almost any CPU and components with ease.

65c is too high (maximum) for an AMD CPU.

I like Cougar PWM Vortex fans at 120mm and 140mm. (they're quiet and powerful) Adding a second fan to the CPU cooler will help a lot too.

Cleaning the excess dust off of the fans and heat-sinks every now and then will help a lot.

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Seem to have fixed the overheating CPU by dropping the +VDDA voltage from 2.8 down to 2.3

or so. Big difference in temperatures, down in the low to mid fifties after long gaming. CPU fans initially helped, but dropping the +VDDA voltage was mostly the issue.

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