Quadro or Gtx ? Why we need to choose in 2013 ?

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Warsoul Posted: Fri, May 10 2013 3:21 PM

Me like others, are in a situation when they need to choose between <No pain in Job> or <No pain in Game>.

Why in 2013; NVidia and ATI or others, let their consumers in Pain ?

These days; almost all gamers like to mod, edit or craft some media but they don't be considered at all.

The home media workstation market is booming and the need are on the rendez-vous but where's the offer ?


How many time we need to wait before we can get a solution to this need.


When Ati or NVidia put on the table an Hybrid between Workstation's GPU and Hardcore Gaming's GPU ?

Why working against us ? We work for you and we bought what you do to play what we do.

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