HL2, HL2 Ep. 1, HL2 Ep 2, and HL2 Lost Coast now on Linux

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3vi1 Posted: Thu, May 9 2013 7:05 PM

Today I noticed Valve has enabled the downloads for HL2, HL2 Ep. 1, HL2 Ep 2, and HL2 Lost Coast for Linux!  After Portal and L4D2 last week, that makes 184 games and counting.

I'm too busy playing D&D Neverwinter (via Wine) to try them out right now though.  :p

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Symb0lic replied on Thu, Jun 27 2013 8:45 PM

This is good news! I used to run Ubuntu linux a few years ago, and I certainly liked it more than windows OS. However, I disliked needing to reboot my entire pc to play a game, or deal with massive amounts of glitches when running some games through wine.


Lets hope this keeps up, I know the linux community is growing still, I just hope more companies will realize that there are lots of gamers on that system, and the only reason a lot of people use windows anymore is for gaming, that's just a guess, but I know I'm in that situation, and I don't think I'm the only one!

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One of the major reasons I have windows installed, is to game and design. Otherwise I Use Ubuntu for regular browsing. I think it's great to expand on the linux games compatibility. 


I think they should even have an option to download you games from a light linux distro (without installing) , so that you can later power on your power hungry workstation , and then install it :)  ( you won't have to keep your gaming system on for hours / days to download the games) 



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