The Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 and 770 Pics

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Warsoul Posted: Thu, May 9 2013 1:09 PM


The 700 series is coming fast and furious !

Leaked info: recently both the GTX 780 and GTX 770 made their visual debut via the Chinese website.


As you can see both the graphics cards utilize the Titan visual design, but surprisingly they sport different GPUs. The GeForce GTX 770 is rumored to be based on a GPU similar to the GK-104 architecture and comes with 1,536 CUDA cores, and a 256-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface. This makes it essentially the same as the GeForce GTX 680, but it will have a refined architecture, which should allow it to consume less power and possibly run slightly faster.

The GeForce GTX 780 on the other hand is rumored to be slightly slower than Titan, as it effectively has less SMX units enabled in the GK-110 core. In total the GTX 780 appears to have 13 of the 15 SMX units enabled, which gives it 2496 CUDA cores. That is a lot of processing power, and it could give it a hefty price tag. Our best guess would be that this card will retail around $799 at launch, and the GTX 770 will fill the $499 price point.

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I have a feeling this generation is going to be a massive performance jump!

I wonder if they are using the Titans cooler on the high end ones because they have really slick chips that run pretty hot.  That might make sense considering that the rumors are going around they are going to be using low end GK110 GPU's

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