Acer Announces Aspire R7 Convertible Laptop With Movable Screen

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News Posted: Fri, May 3 2013 3:05 PM
After teasing the Aspire R7 in a Star Trek-themed ad, the PC maker has finally made the convertible laptop official. And it’s released a new YouTube video – one that goes into a little more detail about what the R7 is meant to be. Whether or not this laptop succeeds, the R7 is a bold move by Acer.

As the video’s narrator explains, Acer was looking for a way to bring R7’s touch screen closer to the user so that it’s easier to take advantage of Window 8’s touch capabilities. It came up with the Ezel hinge, which is a stand that shifts the screen from the back of the laptop closer to the front. The result is that you can lift your fingers from the keyboard and touch the screen without stretching. If you’re wondering how that would work with a traditional keyboard layout, the answer is that it wouldn’t – which is why Acer moved the touchpad to the other side of the keyboard. Bring the screen closer, and you’ll have a difficult time reaching that mousepad, but it looks like the idea is that you won’t need to – you’ll be able to touch the screen instead. You can also flip the screen to show it to someone across from you, or drop the screen into tablet format.

Windows 8 gave PC makers a chance to do something new with the ailing laptop market, and we’re seeing some experimentation with the likes of the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga, and now the R7. Check out the video – would the new touchpad placement throw you, or does this look like a good idea?
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sevags replied on Fri, May 3 2013 3:50 PM

Hmmm... Hmmmm... I had to watch the video twice and I am still left not sure what to think. I like the overall concept, moving the screen closer to you for touch is exactly what is needed that is definitely the downside of traditional touch notebooks. What I am not sure I like is the trackpad being moved behind the keyboard. I have often wished this feature while having to type on a laptop and always have to disable the trackpad until I am done however this happens once a year. For media you would want the trackpad in front of the keyboard like for my mom who never types but navigates using the trackpad and is always playing fb games. To move the screen closer though while still having the keyboard would require it be made this way. It looks a little thick in tablet mode what screen size is this. Ahh I don't know what to think let's see how it does.

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Cool concept, but made by Acer. And the touch screen only works well within modern ui. I would have left the trackpad at the bottom. There was no problem with it there. Either which way, my hands must still lift up to touch while with the trackpad at the bottom, my thumb can work without moving my hands.

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its a 15.6" model

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I think it's cool.

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The repositioning of the trackpad would not work for me, because it also removes the wrist-rest area. Your hands would always have to be hovering in the air - not a great solution for long sessions. I think the fact that in the video, he spends about 2:30 walking around and only about 0:10 actually showing the uses of the movable screen, demonstrates how little use their actually is for this gimmick. Pass.

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One of the major disadvantages to this would also be if you do online gaming or any gaming really. Because the track pad is so far up, it is nearly impossible to play a wasd game on it. I pass as well on it.

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Clixxer replied on Mon, May 6 2013 12:26 AM


One of the major disadvantages to this would also be if you do online gaming or any gaming really. Because the track pad is so far up, it is nearly impossible to play a wasd game on it. I pass as well on it.

I think about that with all laptops/notebooks in general unless you connect a mouse. Cool laptop but considering mine gets used once a week I don't think this would convince me to use it more.

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