Nostalgia Thread: What was your Favorite Computer Upgrade

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tjphelan1 Posted: Fri, Apr 26 2013 5:15 PM

So after getting my second 670 in the mail recently, and feeling that feeling of excitement as I held the card in my hands and putting it in my computer, it made me think about my favorite computer upgrade experience.  This one will date but still love it to this day.

It was in the mid 90's I had already been pretty big into computers.  I learned of a add on graphics card called a Diamond Monster 3d (3dfx Voodoo).  My local computer store did not carry it, but I managed to find it at Best Buy.  I was working a job waiting tables at a local restaurant at the time and saved up a weeks worth of tips and made my first real computer upgrade purchase.  I got it home and after a quick insert into my pc I downloaded a program called glquake.  It was bliss to see graphics like that all running a silky smooth 30 fps (It was smooth at the time).  Your first upgrade is always your best I guess.  Number 2 would be overclocking the first time with a Celeron 300a, but that is another story...

What were your favorite computer upgrade stories?


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