Twitter For Mac Updated With Retina Display Support, New Features

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News Posted: Thu, Apr 25 2013 11:02 PM
It wasn't too long ago that rumblings had Twitter pining for more users to simply use the Web instead of those third-party tools. Tweetbot, TweetDeck, etc. -- those aren't exactly Twitter's favorite things, strangely. Now, the social network has made it super difficult for new third-party clients to operate, thereby forcing users to either rely on a native tool (like the official Twitter iOS app), or the website. Oddly, one official tool (the Twitter app for Mac) was left out in the cold after Apple began to refresh its MacBook displays with Retina capabilities. There were even rumors that the update was ready, but it was being shelved in order to further push users to the Web.

Well, now that's changed. A new Twitter for Mac was released this week, with full support for Retina display panels. There's also an updated Photos segment, support for 14 more languages, new keyboard shortcuts and support for multiple accounts and timelines. The team even promises that "more improvements" are en route, so for those wondering if development was dead for Mac on the Twitter side, think again.
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ajm531 replied on Fri, Apr 26 2013 5:32 PM

It took twitter long enough. Im glad they are doing this now. For example they finally updated their android app and i give them props for it looks beautiful and its much more fluid and its holo themed now. So keep it up twitter. If you really dont want people using third party apps then this is the way to do it by updating your app to include features that drew people away from your app and web app in the first place instead of just trying to shut them down or denying them things necessary to keep their app active

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