Maingear Potenza Super Stock Review: Cool and Quiet

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News Posted: Thu, Mar 14 2013 1:53 PM

Maingear Potenza Super Stock Review: Cool and QuietThere’s a lot to love about a mini-ITX gaming PC. Portability is a big draw, of course: carrying your computer through the parking lot to a LAN party is much easier if it happens to be an SFF system. Reclaiming desk space is another reason to go small. And some of us just take a lot of pleasure in knowing that our tiny, unassuming PC will drop a few jaws when it’s game time.

With an Intel Core i7 3770 and an MSI GeForce GTX 660 at its heart, Maingear’s mini-ITX Potenza only looks mild-mannered. In fact, Maingear offers the system with up to a Core i7-3770K and a GTX Titan, but Maingear sent us a slightly tamer unit to show what it can do in the $1600 range...

Maingear Potenza Super Stock Review: Cool and Quiet

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realneil replied on Thu, Mar 14 2013 9:47 PM

The water line that is forced into the RAM stick (tweaking it) looks hokey to me.

I like the case though.

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Logsdonb replied on Fri, Mar 15 2013 7:52 AM

I have had a Maingear Potenza for almost a year (overclocked 3770K and Nvidoa 680 GPU with 256 GB SSD and 2TB Hard Drive). I have been extremely happy with both the computer and the company. At maingear, the person who provides your customer support is the person that built your computer. This is a good practice as the builders know they will need to support the machines they build.

The computer is indeed very cool, very quiet and very fast. What more coudl you ask for in a gaming pc?

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Mattos replied on Sat, Apr 6 2013 7:30 PM

I thought a titan would be too long to fit in this case but obviously I'm mistaken. But anyways this is a pretty sweet looking SFF PC.

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RMcCord replied on Sat, Apr 6 2013 8:28 PM

Oh yes the Maingear Potenza may I add my 2 cents as to why this is an awesome case to go with? First off the footprint is the smallest of any sff computer you can buy, Yes Any!!! I do not like the shoe box cases, in reality their footprint is as much as a medium size tower I am talking to you Sg07, Sgo8, Fragbox, prodigy and many others including Lian Li. Now here is how to build the ultimate Potenza. Take the cabling off of the front light, then you can remove all 3 sides completely by hand easily no screws and see the beautiful hardware you have and of course cleaning is a breeze with compressed air or blower. Remove the hard drive cage and the optical drive cage and you have a simple case my friends. One SSd will attach to the side of the case. This case will be the most awesome if you get a logitech wireless keyboard and mouse. My plan is to place it behind my 30 inch monitor, people will assume I have an All In one since it will be out of sight and quiet. Since I need to bring this to S America I have also found a Pelican case to transport it in that is Carry on Size!! Yes Carry on Size case which makes this the only Sff Case that you can carry on with a Water Proof durable Case. Yes you can carry on others by hand in a duffel bag or in your hands but remember these things weigh 25lbs or more would it not be nice to have a wheeled lockable case? Of course it would be Pelican 1510 Carry On Case. Now then one last cool thing Maingear will paint this baby for 49 bucs!! I currently own a m18x laptop, if the Potenza had been on my radar back when I bought it I would of saved a bundle going with it instead. I have done a ton of research on Sff cases and to me The Silverston FT-03 mini case that Maingear uses checks all the right boxes. Quality, uniqueness, design, smallest footprint and customization via Maingear!

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Clixxer replied on Sun, Apr 7 2013 5:22 AM

That is pretty awesome. Im sure it would make a great gaming PC but also could do alot of other things too. While I think id always have to have a full case just so I can move stuff in and out and not worry about size I do like what companies are doing for the small form factor PC for everyday consumers that want to buy something just just play games on it and this looks to be a very nice option for those people.

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