iBuypower Revolt SFF Gaming System Review

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News Posted: Wed, Mar 6 2013 2:03 PM
iBuypower Revolt SFF Gaming System ReviewCustom PC makers are getting increasingly creative, particularly with small form factor gaming systems. There was a time when a lot of the sexiest gaming rigs consisted of high-end components mounted in large, gaudy (but fun) chassis with lots of lights, a killer paint job, and perhaps a wild mass of liquid cooling tubes and hardware. Although those systems are still around, and we still love to play with them, the boutique builders are using their design and engineering skills to build smaller systems that still pack a mean punch on the performance side. iBuypower's Revolt is a perfect example of this trend...

iBuypower Revolt SFF Gaming System Review

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Sit ja Hammer aus (y)

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That's neat. I have one gaudy tower and one itx rig.

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It's too bad that its internals seem a bit messy, but overall, I really like this tower. It's flashy, but still stylish. Great review, Seth. Do they all come with a Hot Hardware sticker on the back? :D

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Gosh, I remember the days when a system like this would have cost you $2500+.  This is a great option for people with a little extra cash who want to get into real PC gaming.  

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