LogMeIn Launches Evolved Dropbox Clone

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News Posted: Wed, Feb 6 2013 11:33 AM
In the cloud storage and sharing market, Dropbox is the prototypical service that everyone emulates, and LogMeIn’s new offering, Cubby, indeed bears a striking resemblance. Like Dropbox, it offers 5GB of free cloud storage that you can access, manage, and edit via a Web browser, mobile device, or synced desktop folder. If you invite people to the service, you can “earn” up to 20GB of additional storage. You can share certain folders with whomever you want, and your content enjoys 256-bit AES encryption.

As you might expect, there’s a Cubby Pro version (which starts at $6.99/mo for one user and 100GB of storage), but the Pro version boasts some juicy additional features. The best one by a longshot is DirectSync, which gives you all the same folder sharing and syncing across your own devices or with others without using your cloud storage.


There’s also a Cubby Locks feature, which lets you protect given folders with an extra security key that requires your password to unlock, as well as unified account management and billing and access to additional support.


A cloud storage service by any other name is still a cloud storage service (and “Cubbies” are still essentially just “folders”), but LogMeIn has created something with some choice extra features that make Cubby an attractive service for consumers and businesses alike. It’s further bolstered by other offerings in LogMeIn’s product portfolio, including its eponymous LogMeIn service and join.me collabroation and meeting tool.
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Dave_HH replied on Wed, Feb 6 2013 1:57 PM

5GB to start, 20GB if you spam your friends with an invite? Not bad actually. :)

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I've used LogMeIn and I like the several solutions-in-one approach. But now, I'm hooked on RHUB's remote support servers. It has everything in one box you need.

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