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cluelessrebel Posted: Sun, Feb 3 2013 2:01 AM

So I am looking for a new computer. My dell which is around 2 years old has finally outlasted warranty and has been constantly repaired since I bought it in 2011. From wifi issues (it has never been able to connect to wifi unless its right next to the router) to constantly freezing, there is always something wrong with it. My family and I have always had dell, so this is foreign territory to me.


I am a college student and have $2500 to spend (thanks to a college fund) but I do not want to spend it all if I do not need to.


I need:

the software to be at least compatible with word and power point if not have it on their system,
I game on my computer and need it to be compatible with Skyrim, Dragon Age, and Dragon Age 2,
I stream and watch a lot of Netflix so its wireless must be fast,
it must be durable,I drop my computer a lot,
it must be reliable, this is the big one, I do not want to have to fight with customer service for 2 years again, that was ridiculous.


Currently I have been recommended the Mac Book Pro and a Lenovo Think or IdeaPad, but I can't decide. I am not limited on these either, I just want a good computer that isn't Dell.


Macs: everyone raves about them, they're supposed to be God sent. But they're hugely expensive and are not always compatible from my experience with IPods, IPhones, and IPads (I have owned all three) and from what I've heard people say. I also do not believe they are virus proof as everyone believes (there's just less viruses written for OS). It also has a lot of stuff I don't need and the stuff I really need/want (gaming tech mostly) I'd have to buy extra. They also don't have fans built in and I have had experience frying a hard drive (do not want to do that again).


As for Lenovo I have never heard of it before now and do not know much about it, I just know my mom's computer guy said they were ok (though he told me to get a mac every other sentence when I talked to him).

I have no requirements on size (other then the needs for gaming) as I do not move my computer beyond my apartment.

Any Ideas?

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krikle replied on Mon, Feb 25 2013 2:05 PM

My opinion: Stay away from Lenovo. Lenovo used to be/is IBM. From my experience, I do not like their products at all and their system software seems pretty flakey. Half the drivers they have listed on their site don't even work. And from what I've heard, their customer support is something to be desired.

To be honest, I wouldn't go for a laptop if you're into gaming. Have you thought about going for a desktop? What is your budget? What would you like to allow yourself to spend out of the money you have? Also, I'm an Intel fan. Some will say AMD is better and that you get more bang for your buck. But again, in my experience, most all my custom builds have been Intel and I just find Intel based systems run much faster compared to an AMD chip. That's another thing - if you know a local tech shop or someone, you could tell them what you want and go with a custom build based on your needs and budget.

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Dorkstar replied on Mon, Feb 25 2013 2:30 PM

Ugh, laptops.  I've never been a large fan of them.  However, I do have a little input here.

Dell laptops: I've used them for nothing but work related task, and have never had a single issue.  Maybe you bought a low end laptop that was built cheaply?

Macs: The hardware is great sure, but typically you're paying a premium for the name.  However, recent comparisons of Macs vs similar windows based laptops shows the gap between cost is actually closing, and is sometimes cheaper to go with the Mac.  (my knowledge is extremely limited in mac's)

Cyberpower : Don't do it.  I bought my first gaming laptop from them, had issues right off the bat, and within a year it started falling apart cosmetically.

CTL : CTL used to sell only to government and military, however they just recently started selling to the public.  I have a CTL Vector 9150T that I won in the first sweepstakes I ever entered.  I completely intended to sell it and buy the parts for my PC, because i'm just not a laptop man.  However... after opening the box to "check it out" my mind was completely changed.  These things are built rather solid, have amazing displays, and even have a built in subwoofer, which I had no clue existed in laptops.


I also once bought a Toshiba satellite, and took it back the next day.  It just performed horribly.  My wife has an old Sony Vaio, she likes it.. don't have much to say about it.  

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krikle replied on Mon, Mar 4 2013 3:24 PM

I would def go with a custom build for a gaming desktop. I think you should stay away from a laptop if you're into gaming. Dork..I have never ever been a Dell fan. The way laptops are or any brand name desktop too...you could have different brand names on the front but they're probably made up of the same brand name parts inside. So it doesn't make too much different. I guess it's the system software that makes the difference sometimes and just the quality of the build inside.

I still say custom built desktop for this dude.

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I agree with them if you really want to do those sort of games a basic gaming computer would definitely be best for you, but I do have to say I've had 4 IBM thinkpads and I'm currently on my first Lenovo Thinkpad and I'm not exactly a gentle person with them, and I have to say they're the most durable laptops I've ever had, I will agree with the driver issues, it takes me a little bit longer to do a clean install on a thinkpad over say my wife's Asus Laptop but I also don't cringe when I drop my Thinkpad, I've dropped all of them from waist high several times thinking I killed it and the worse I've done is cracked the plastic shell a little.

But Besides Lenovo my favorite laptops would be Asus, they have the best cooling system in a gaming laptop, if you want something that's still "Portable" as in 10lbs, 17" screen, and be able to run Skyrim on high settings for under 1400 bucks you should go with an Asus G75, they just released a new version and it's got an Intel i7 plus a Geforce 670mx 2Gb, the only thing it really needs is a hard drive upgrade and that's super simple to do, it's also easy to upgrade the ram in it as well. This is the one I'm thinking of getting eventually and it's great performance for price and stays nice and cool, and you can still take it with you if you're on the go, but don't expect long battery life, you're lucky if you get 1.5hrs web surfing :/


Desktop Specs:

Custom Acrylic Case: I Love Green :)

Intel i7 3770 @ 3.9ghz w/ Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus

MSI Z77A-GD65 - Mobo

8Gb Mushkin DDR3 2400

MSI 7870-OC Ghz Edition 2GB

Corsair HX850 - 850 watt PSU

WD Black 1TB SATA6

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