Intel Gets Clearance For $4 Billion 14nm Wafer Fab in Ireland

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News Posted: Fri, Jan 25 2013 2:46 PM
The luck o’ the Irish is going strong, apparently, as Intel is planning to build a plant in Ireland for the purpose of manufacturing 14nm chips which will reportedly create 800 permanent tech jobs and 3,500 construction jobs.

According to Silicon Republic, the project should take two years to complete at a total cost of $4 billion. The new facility will be built at the existing Intel campus at Leixlip in Co Kildare. The total square footage (er, metre-age) will be 244,819 square metres and will include a three-story fab, a building for housing liquid chemicals and wastewater, a two-story boiler and chiller, emergency power facilities, a five-level parking garage, and more.

Intel Leixlip
Leixlip campus (Image credit: Silicon Republic)

Intel was given approval for the project by Ireland’s An Bord Pleanála planning agency on January 17th. The plant reportedly will be one of three making the 14nm chips, with the other two in Oregon and Arizona.
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realneil replied on Fri, Jan 25 2013 4:02 PM

This is good news. Make it smaller and we will come. LOL!

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Now Intel is on way to build new 14 nm processor. I hope to see new 14 nm next gen Intel Extreme Edition clocked at 4 GHz or above. It will be cool to see all new 14 nm CPUs. Maybe new 8 core Extreme Edition from Intel. We never know but we will find out this year (few months ahead).

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RWilliams replied on Fri, Jan 25 2013 8:03 PM

It's nothing short of mind-blowing to think that transistors continue the trek downward when they're already ridiculously small. A strand of human hair is 90,000nm!

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