Google Says "Who Needs NORAD?" Check Out The Google Santa Tracker

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News Posted: Sat, Dec 22 2012 6:39 PM
NORAD may have decided to power their Santa Tracker engine with Bing maps this year but Google is stepping up to the mistletoe, with yuletide vigor, to help those on the "nice" list keep track of Santa's activities and of course that magical journey on Christmas eve.  Google's Santa Tracker page is loaded with goodies for good girls and boys.  And heck, maybe if you've been a tad naughty this year (who hasn't?), you can hop on the Santa HOT line and instant chat with the big man in an effort to get in his good graces.  Think about it.  The office Christmas party this year was a bit of a blow-out.  You remember that, right?  Mum's the word...

On December 24th, you can track the big guy's progress on Google Earth and follow jolly ol' Saint Nick in stunning 3D detail.  There's a Google Android Santa Tracker app of course as well, if you're still on the road picking up those last minute gifts. Just don't check in behind the wheel because that's an instant naughty point too. Got it?  Good.

Google Santa Tracker

You could even setup with Santa's agent (Hey, his a seriously busy Chief Executive Elf. That's CEE...), to have Santa give you and your loved ones a call back, if you're in North America, between the hours of 8AM and 9PM.

Google Santa Call

But yeah, only big kids can set up a con call with Santa; so make sure Mom, Dad, or Uncle Sal (when he's not too rosy in the cheeks preferably) books it with the big guy.  It's a big world and there are only so many hours in a day.  Even the man in the red suit packin' a HO-lotta good cheer and a team of turbo-power Reindeer needs to keep the schedule straight.  You could always check in with him on Google+ too.  He's got just a few friends in his circles.
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altereDad replied on Sat, Dec 22 2012 7:47 PM

My daughter already got to see Santa. I've a copy of an email, just not certain I want to play it for her.

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Dave_HH replied on Sun, Dec 23 2012 1:42 AM

I think it's pretty cool for the kids to be able to see the jolly one in action. :)

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realneil replied on Sun, Dec 23 2012 2:14 PM

Agreed, it's cool of them to do this.

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Manduh replied on Sun, Dec 23 2012 2:36 PM

My daughter and I will be following this one, it looks more fun than NORAD. Thanks :)

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