Olive ONE Home Music Player Drums up Support on Indiegogo

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News Posted: Wed, Dec 12 2012 11:02 AM
Olive has big plans for a home music player that can connect to virtually any device, app, and service you have that might store or play music. The aptly-named ONE All-In-One Home Music Player is a slick, cylindrical device with a touch interface and support for a wide range of music formats and connections. Olive is looking for music/gadget lovers to chip in via crowd-sourcing site Indiegogo.

Olive ONE Home Music Player

The open platform-based Olive One supports AIFF, ALAC, WAV, MP3, and many other song formats so it can play whatever music you have, whether it’s on your iTunes account or it’s part of your music library on your PC. You can use the interface to browse songs from all of your collections and services, such as Pandora. The device also has several add-on options, including support for a hard drive, which will let the ONE play your music for you wherever you go. Olive is also touting a speaker that can sit under the ONE.

Connectivity options include Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi, with support for playing music on your TV via Miracast and the like. Olive launched the ONE on Indiegogo today with $379 getting you a ONE around July of 2013. That’s the early-bird special – $399 is the typical cost. Indiegogo is also looking for suggestions from anyone who loves music.
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Dorkstar replied on Wed, Dec 12 2012 12:08 PM

I feel like this video stole creative ideas from Apple, Spotify, and corning glass.  Honestly, it's a really cool idea, I just think the price point is a little high.  I feel you could do the same thing with a rasberry pi, some freeware, and $20 hard drive enclosure.

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OSunday replied on Wed, Dec 12 2012 7:05 PM

This looks really cool but I feel like because of it's price and like dorkstar pointed out it's wide array of equally capable and less expensive media solutions it'll only appeal to a small amount of people. I like the idea of people able to play high quality audio but that's something I could do with any computer, for about $400 along with other functionality for normal computer and media use that includes video.

They showed a scene of a family gather in front of a pair of speakers and an Olive ONE but that really doesn't happen, a family is MUCH more likely to gather in front of the TV for multiple forms of media like music but also video.

Most peoples existing speakers and sound systems are also already centered around their TV's, so how is the Olive ONE supposed to integrate with that with the potential that there may be an HTPC or Gaming console that satisfies most peoples everyday needs already. The justification for a person to go out and buy a $400 immobile device for use only in home just isn't there :/

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Dorkstar replied on Thu, Dec 13 2012 11:26 AM

Yep, think you hit this right on the said OSunday.  I'm going to go out on a limb here and say the people who will buy this are probably the same who are buying 4k televisions.

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