Kindle Fire HD Vs Google Nexus 7

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OSunday Posted: Thu, Dec 6 2012 1:04 AM

Anyone have any experience or preference between either device?

I was hoping to get a small tablet as a Christmas present for use primarily as an e-reader but with a little more power for when I'm on the go and want to use it for video or games but I can't decide between the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD

Their both similar in physical size, screen size and specs.
The Nexus 7 runs Android on it's own and the Kindle Fire HD run's Kindle on top of Android

I've heard that the Kindle's UI sort of gets annoying and functions as a giant funnel to an amazon checkout screen, but on the same not I was planning on using Amazon's Kindle feature for books and magazines regardless of the device.

What do you all think?
Another side note is I have an offer from someone on campus for a near new Nexus 7 for $150, while I only have the Kindle Fire HD at retail for $200 

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Personally, I'd pick up the Nexus 7.  I haven't read up much on the Kindle fire, but I've been following the nexus 7 for a while now.  It's got higher sex appeal.

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OSunday replied on Thu, Dec 6 2012 7:11 PM

Haha and it is at a lower price point for my particular case...
I'm gonna see if the guy will consider trading an old monitor for it since Monitor's are in high demand around USAFA too..

As far as sex appeal they both look pretty sleek, and the Kindle Fire has the appeal of two speakers and an IPS vs the Nexus 7's LCD screen, but the fact the Nexus seven is running plain android without anything on top of it has a big appeal to me since it leaves more room for personal customization and I can potentially do my reading still through Amazon and kindle through the Kindle App 

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