Acer Bringing $199 C7 Chromebook To Even More Retail Outlets

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News Posted: Mon, Dec 3 2012 12:06 AM
Google's first pass at the so-called "Chromebook" laptop went... fair. But it definitely didn't hit the mainstream, or anywhere close. As netbooks were fading, the original Chromebook lineup was simply too limited, too slow and too expensive to be taken seriously, particularly when going up against countless tablets. Now, however, things are different. The latest batch of Chrome-powered notebooks are cheaper than ever, and Acer's making a serious push to get its new C7 Chromebook into more minds than ever before. The company recently announced a few huge retail partners to hopefully showcase the C7 to people who haven't ever heard of the Chromebook line: TigerDirect, NewEgg and, in addition to the existing Google Play, and Best Buy stores.

At $199, and with this much shelf space, it's bound to catch the eyes of those shopping for notebooks on a budget. Sure, it won't be much good outside of the cloud, and you'll need to be an avid Google user to truly appreciate it, but for those who fit the bill, it's a surprisingly nice option for the price.

Guess we'll see if Google or Acer talks holiday numbers in Q1, huh?
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