Need help making a crappy computer. Yes I said it.

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Dorkstar Posted: Thu, Nov 29 2012 12:05 PM

So, my parents own a small car dealership in a semi-shady part of town, and with that comes a lot of break-ins.  So my parents no longer upgrade anything, they just use whatever looks the worst basically.  They have huge CRT monitors with random things drawn all over it, they have old old old computers (too slow for me to even want to look at the specs), etc.

Fast forward to the reason i'm posting.  My mother switched to a laptop, so she could take it with her at the end of the day.  This laptop contains all her accounting information etc, but it too is coming up on about 5 years old, and needs to be laid to rest.

So for Christmas I was thinking about taking her old computer she tried to get me to fix a few months ago, and tossing in some solid products, while making the computer look as bad as possible.  

As you can see, it's already rather rough.  I've been tossing around some ideas, such as drilling an anchor down in the floor (concrete), and drilling a rather sizable bolt down, so if the thief's for some reason decide to steal it, well it isn't going anywhere.

If anyone has any ideas on how to make this puppy as good as crappy can get, let me know!

I'm planning on spending about $200-$300, or less if I can find some good used deals.  Thinking a good budget cpu/mobo, with 8gb of ram.  I've got a few 7000 series nvidia cards laying around that I can toss in, just for kicks.  Fortunately I've got another power supply in the closet that will work just fine as well, as I don't trust this one.

So let me know if you got any ideas to either improve on the performance, security, or to "improve" on making it look worse!




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