Korean Import Monitors

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OSunday Posted: Wed, Nov 28 2012 10:04 PM

So recently while browsing reddit's gamingpc subreddit I overheard the mention of some really unheard of monitor brands.

Particularly the-

Yamaksai Catleap Q270

Achieva Shimian 27

Crossover 27Q

Nixeus NX-VUE 27

Apparently these are all 27 inch, 1440p (2560x1440), S-IPS panels that are made in Korea with the A- grade panels (Apparently means 5 or less dead pixels in the center or side portions or something along those lines)  that LG doesn't use for themselves in their high end models and in Apple's Cinema Displays (They use the A and A+)

They're only available through import through online vendors through places like Amazon or Ebay but I think it would be awesome if you guys could potentially review a product like this since it's really unique and something most people haven't heard of. They also retail for for around the equivalent of $250 in Korea but when they end up here they end up at $350-$500, but either way that' still $200 or more less than the similar product from American manufacturers and vendors.

I've also read a little bit about certain models being overclocked from 60hz up to 130hz which is the current record.



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