Tablets Top Holiday Shopping Lists for One Third of US Consumers

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News Posted: Wed, Nov 21 2012 10:03 AM
Struggling with what to get your beloved geek for the holidays? There are gazillion gift guides scattered across the web (including our own!), but know this: what he/she really wants is a tablet! That isn't true of everyone, mind you, but a new poll reveals that a third of U.S. consumers are hoping to score a slate this holiday season.

That's according to a new Ipsos poll conducted for Reuters, which found that lower priced tablets are likely to rein supreme. In fact, some 22 percent of those who said they plan on buying a tablet this holiday season also indicated that they're planning to cut back spending on other holiday purchases in order to afford a slate.

Apple iPad
Apple's full-size iPad remains the top choice among potential tablet buyers, a new poll reveals.

If you're thinking that doesn't bode well for the iPad mini, you're right. Even though tablet shoppers are finding ways to save money for these high-tech toys, only 8 percent of survey respondents said the iPad mini is their first choice. Incidentally, that happens to be the exact same percentage who said they plan to buy a Surface tablet from Microsoft (of which we recently reviewed).

"There has been a lot of controversy about the fact that the iPad mini is $329, that the price might not be right," said Jharonne Martis, director of consumer research for Thomson Reuters.

Apple needn't sulk at the news, however, as a quarter of respondents planning to pick up a tablet indicated that the full-size (and more expensive) iPad is their first choice, followed by the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 both attracting 15 percent of the votes.
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Kidbest100 replied on Wed, Nov 21 2012 10:26 PM

I would love to get any tablet for Christmas... However, there is a line for me. Honestly, I would only use it for little games and stuff. Tablets at this point just don't have the ability of things such as a laptop. I cannot imagine trying to type out an essay on a tablet. I would rather have a laptop for Christmas. But, hey, if you love tablets, go ahead!

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