My personal gaming rig

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Burritomaster24 Posted: Sat, Nov 17 2012 7:35 PM

 built it with an amd fx 8120 built this in February 2012, allong with it a sapphire radeon hd 6870. The case is my modded up haf 912 standard edition, and the motherboard is the asrock 990fx extreme3 ,(don't buy this motherboard if you intend to overclock a 125 wat cpu I've learned my lesson)  G

Getting my 3rd monitor on cyber monday cant wait!

here you can see some of the interior modding I've done. mostly just paint and some lights I've rigged up.


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Hey, nice job man.  The color scheme looks spot on.  Are you in a trade with powder coating, or did you just use a can?

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That GPU looks dang smexy!

PC Specs:

  • AMD Athlon 64 x2 6400+  Cooled by a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus (push-pull)
  • 2GB DDR2
  • MSI Radeon HD 6450 2GB
  • Stock Dell motherboard
  • 250Gb HDD
  • XFX Pro Core edition 650W PSU
  • Stock Dell inspiron case


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Hey dude nice build I would love to build a rig like yours, but I don't have time and money to build this kind of beast.

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Very nice looking rig man!

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Farallon replied on Mon, Mar 31 2014 3:38 PM

Wow, powder coating looks clean cut! Nice color scheme.

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Yo your Pc has Killer Accessories! Rock On Brother

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