Boosted Board Electric Skateboard Could Change the Way You Commute

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News Posted: Tue, Sep 18 2012 9:10 AM
Sanjay Dastoor, co-founder of Boosted Boards, claims that 50 percent of all trips people take in cars are under 5 miles, and that's 20 percent of all commutes. Considering the average automobile weighs several thousands pounds, it seems like overkill for all those short trips, doesn't it? Hence the reason Dastoor and others created Boosted Boards, purportedly "the world's lightest electric vehicle."

Boosted Board Motor

Calling it a "vehicle" is being a little liberal with the definition. Boosted Boards are actually elongated electric skateboards that weigh 12 pounds. Lithium batteries provide 2,000 watts of power -- enough to go up to 6 miles before needing a recharge -- and twin brushless motors push the plank up to a top speed of around 20 mph. If you run out of juice in the middle of a trip, kick it old school by going manual.

Boosted Boards' developers aren't proposing that people ditch their vehicles entirely. For short trips, you can certainly leave the gas guzzler at home and hop on a Boosted Board, but for longer trips on the subway or bus, they propose taking it with you and using it as "the perfect last-mile vehicle," one in which you don't have to worry about parking, traffic, gas stations, pedaling, hills, and so forth.

Boosted Board Full

It's not quite the hoverboard Robert Zemeckis dreamed up for Marty McFly in Back to the Future, but it's an interesting project, one that has more than doubled its funding goal on Kickstarter with 23 days remaining. Over 680 backers have pledged more than $250,000 so far, well above the $100,000 the project's developers were initial seeking.
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realneil replied on Tue, Sep 18 2012 10:27 AM

Would have loved to try this when I was younger and still had all of my limbs.

It looks like 20MPH fun, so New York will outlaw them for sure.

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Dave_HH replied on Tue, Sep 18 2012 1:43 PM

That thing is HOT

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ATigre replied on Tue, Sep 18 2012 8:23 PM

Not to discredit this guys (I'm sure there's a lot of kids out there that will love this), but I'm gonna get myself a Goped "iPed2". I weight around 195 pounds (90 kg) so I need a lot of stopping power. Not to mention the handle bar on a scooter can really improve safety. It is also small enough to go inside public transportation and despite the cost (1500 bucks for the 10 miles range, lighter model) its worth every penny.Automobile

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rapid1 replied on Tue, Sep 18 2012 10:18 PM

I like it but really my trips that are within 5 miles usually require me carrying something back like groceries. I can actually carry a lot of grocery bags in one trip but I don't know how safe that would be while driving a vehicle like this. Plus I would probably have to make 1 trip then charge it and do another one generally. ROFL jk well not but this looks like fun if you live downtown or something!

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mhenriday replied on Wed, Sep 19 2012 3:19 AM

I'm thinking of taking out a patent on a light, portable device for commutes up to, say, 25 km (although I've tested it on runs of over 600 km). It has (nearly) unlimited battery life and goes under the working names of «velocipede» and/or «bicycle». Perhaps I, too, should appeal to Kickstarter ?...


PS : Have to check out whether Apple has already patented this innovative device....

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Manduh replied on Sun, Sep 23 2012 12:49 PM

How do you stop???? It sounds like fun, scary fun :)

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