Neo Geo X Gaming Handheld: So Much Retro Shipping December For $130

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News Posted: Fri, Sep 14 2012 11:43 AM
There's a price for pleasure, and if you're looking to grab one of the unknown gaming handhelds of the world and make it your own, that price has now been released. The Neo Geo X handheld promises to bring back that retro vibe that you once cherished, with the handheld shown here being priced at $130. The unit is slick, sleek and pretty simplistic, with a 4.3" display, an expandable game card slot, and 20 classic Neo Geo titles pre-loaded from the start. What more could you want? It'll ship to stockings everywhere this December, and you can register your interest at the Via link below.

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JOMA replied on Sat, Sep 15 2012 6:31 PM
Never owned one but I do remember when they were released. If I recall it was pretty pricy at the time and I didn't have the cash for such a system.
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