TV Makers Hoping Larger Screens and Enhanced Features Will Reverse Ongoing Shipment Decline

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News Posted: Tue, Sep 11 2012 9:59 AM
In this tight economy, it appears many people are having a tough time justifying the notion of upgrading their existing TV sets. According to the folks at DisplaySearch, global TV shipments declined for the second consecutive quarter, dropping 8 percent year-over-year in Q2 2012. Interestingly, Japan is particularly proving a tough market, as second quarter shipments plummeted 77 percent compared to one year ago, DisplaySearch says.

"A sharp decline of demand in Japan and a correction in Europe following the analog broadcast shut-offs in 2010 and 2011 have significantly impacted the TV market and contributed to a decline in shipments," noted Paul Gagnon, Director, North American TV Research for NPD DisplaySearch. "Emerging markets have also been affected by softer shipment growth recently, related to a rapid decline in demand for CRT TVs and to less price erosion in flat panels. Despite this, the growth in demand for larger screen sizes and the increasing feature mix is cause for optimism."

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The reason DisplaySearch believes larger screen sizes could prop up the TV industry is because even though LCD TV shipments fell 2 percent year-over-year in Q2, demand for LCD TVs 40 inches or larger actually rose 15 percent in the same time period.

One company that isn't stressing over all this is Samsung, which grew its revenue share by 18 percent, both sequentially and annually. LG Electronics, Sony, Panasonic, and Sharp all saw quarterly declines.
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JOMA replied on Tue, Sep 11 2012 11:57 AM

While the prices are coming down I can't see a lot of people who are struggling month to month to pay their bills going out an buying a new TV unless they have no other TV to use. I'd like to replace my existing 51" TV but it still works great so there's no reason to.

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rapid1 replied on Wed, Sep 12 2012 8:26 AM

I agree JOMA I have wanted to upgrade for a while but the thing is my TV still works well so the money has to be totally free or opportunity has to be either features I could not turn down for the price or a price I could not turn down for fear of never seeing it again. This also speaks to a great amount about the trouble BestBuy is seeing. I almost grabbed one at FRY's and even saw one at COSTCO yesterday with size 120 Hz refresh and a decent price I promise you the closest price wise I could find at BB would be 1-300 more so I would not buy it there. BB is never the best buy anymore so there is no need for them. Of course that goes away from this articles focus. The TV OEM's in general actually seem to have some good deals out there with decent features. I just will not buy one under 120hz and do not see the point in anything over it as I do not care about a 3D TV, and it has to have WiFi built in as well, after that it is price and size of which of course I would want the best I could get but are somewhat sliding. As far as it goes though a huge TV is cool but I probably will get one between 40-50" not above it just has to have as good of a panel as I cab get with those specs. Most customers do not know anything about the panels though either in general.

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