Tabeo Kids Tablet Is a 7", Android-Based Slate For Younger Learning

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News Posted: Mon, Sep 10 2012 2:40 AM
If it hasn't been made clear to you yet, tablets aren't just for grown-ups any longer. Of course, we've all seen kids using an iPad like a champion, but what about for parents who want to invest in something a bit cheaper -- and perhaps a bit more oriented towards learning? Toys R Us has just unveiled a listing for a new 7" children's tablet, based on Android, called the Tabeo. It's a $150 unit that's expected to go on sale this October in stores only. It's expected that more details we be flowing once those holiday papers hit the printers, with kids aged 6+ to benefit. Of course, the competition is getting fairly fierce in this department, and companies like LeapFrog already have a pretty good following. But will the use of Android open up new doors that proprietary operating systems can't? We'll see soon -- Santa, are you paying attention?

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Manduh replied on Mon, Sep 10 2012 10:06 AM

This looks excellent, the included games,apps and books are definitely a huge deal for parents who are not very tech savvy. It will save them time trying to figure out how to download from the Tabeo store. I have a tablet with an app called Zoodles on it which basically turns my tablet into a kid friendly device. My 7yo (8 in March) loves it and plays on it quite frequently. We always found ourselves wanting to use the tablet at the same time so I ended up getting her one of those little netbooks and installed the app on there so we didn't need to take turns on my tablet. If I would have known these were coming I would have waited for sure! They are nicer looking than the kid friendly' Nabi Android tablets from last year and have better specs too.

My only complaint so far, from just looking at it, is the colour... white?? Not a good idea for kids, unless they will be making cases or skins for it. Even the most well behaved kids (my daughter of course lol) can tend to have dirty or sticky hands.

Thanks for the update, and I would love to see a review in the future, maybe with Marco's little ones getting the hands on experience :D If they're too young, feel free to send me one and I'll have my daughter review it haha.

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JOMA replied on Mon, Sep 10 2012 4:49 PM
It's a good idea and a good bit cheaper than a iPad. I see a lot of kids using iPhones and iPads, this seems like a great replacement for the younger ones.
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soni replied on Mon, Oct 15 2012 12:24 PM

The Tabeo 7 Inch Kids Tablet demo is awesome convinced me to buy this item, so I went online and preoredered back in September. Received it about 3 days ago. My granddaughter was able to play with it for about 20 minutes before it crashed. This tablet is a memory hog...Very disappointed. Contacted company directly and advised of the issues I was having with this tablet and was advised they are aware of it and there is no fix. HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED!!! I was so excited for my granddaughter now she has to wait until I am able to purchase her a tablet from a reliable maker.

If item was pre-ordered online thru toyrus, it must be returned via mail...cannot bring back to a store unless you want store credit. return via mail, will take a good 3 to 4 weeks before money is credited back to your account (per representive). I WOULD NOT RECOMMENT THIS PRODUCT!!

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