Google Acquires Malware and Virus Detection Service VirusTotal

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News Posted: Fri, Sep 7 2012 4:38 PM
Malware scanner VirusTotal announced today that it's been purchased by Google for an undisclosed sum. Apparently Google's been a long-time partner of the online scanning service, and now the two have tied the knot in antivirus matrimony.

If you've never used VirusTotal before, go ahead and bookmark the website. VirusTotal is an awesome (and free!) resource that checks files for viruses, but the differentiating feature here is that it taps into 44 different antivirus scan engines. The only caveat is that files you upload can't be larger than 32MB, though perhaps that will change if Google decides to flex its vast resources.


"VirusTotal will continue to operate independently, maintaining our partnerships with other antivirus companies and security experts," VirusTotal stated in a blog post. "This is an exciting step forward. Google has a long track record working to keep people safe online and we look forward to fighting the good fight together with them."

With Google now in charge, VirusTotal says you can expect two things. First, the quality and power of the service's malware research tools will improve at a faster rate. And secondly, Google's infrastructure will ensure that VirusTotal is "always ready."
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Excited to see what comes out of this! Seeing how amazing google is with Cloud and server infrastructure, this can only be a good thing!

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JOMA replied on Fri, Sep 7 2012 6:53 PM

Good for them, hope they made some good money on the sale. Really hope Google doesn't "F" it up somehow.

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4L1G8R replied on Fri, Sep 7 2012 8:18 PM

Interesting. Perhaps we'll see it used to pre-scan links on download pages once internet speeds increase?

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Dave_HH replied on Fri, Sep 7 2012 8:45 PM

I think it makes perfect sense in a lot of application, search and other places.

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I think it makes perfect sense in a lot of application, search and other places.

Agreed, they can't be too proactive when it comes to these things. Good News,.................


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I, too, agree that this is good news, but alas, it will hardly help with the zero-day problem, which is humongous. Talk about «innovation» !...


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