ASUS Partners with Custom PC Makers to Debut “Powered by ASUS” Build-to-Order Program

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News Posted: Wed, Sep 5 2012 1:42 AM
If you dig custom PC builds and are also a fan of ASUS products, today is like Christmas for you. ASUS has announced its “Powered by ASUS” program, which essentially lets you configure a made-to-order custom rig from a boutique builder that’s packing ASUS components.

“There are a lot of hardware enthusiasts and ASUS fans out there that do not build their own PCs, but want additional performance and features typically not available in off-the-shelf systems,” said Timothy Lin, Director of Product Management at ASUS. “This unique program offers consumers the ability to custom configure a system utilizing a wide variety of high-quality ASUS components.”

ASUS graphics card

Just how ASUS-y can you make your own custom build? ASUS says that customers will be able to find a range of components from motherboards to graphics cards to headsets to monitors.

ASUS headphones

You can get the benefits of the Powered by ASUS program from plenty of custom builders; the full list at launch includes CyberPower, Digital Storm, Falcon Northwest, Geekbox, ORIGIN PC, iBUYPOWER, Puget Systems, Maingear, and V3 Gaming.

ASUS monitor

ASUS is also running a special deal only in the month of September wherein you’ll get a free Xonar DSX sound card in your custom rig if you buy a qualified system from one of the aforementioned authorized builders, so you might as well act fast.
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4L1G8R replied on Wed, Sep 5 2012 4:58 PM

They're one of the very few who can even do a wide-range PC build program like this. Most other companies are only really good in one or two areas of PC hardware, but ASUS is great all around.

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I like their quality. I have lots of ASUS gear here and it all is top notch too.

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Even at the lower end of the spectrum, ASUS seems to make good, reliable products. When the retirees whom I help with their computer problems are in the market for a new computer (most of the time, alas, a laptop - I have little success in convincing even those who never move their computers from their desks that they'd get more for their money with a desktop) and ask me what brands I'd recommend, I always include ASUS (won't tell you which brands I suggest they avoid)....

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