Using a server for a gaming rig

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vegetablatarian Posted: Tue, Aug 28 2012 12:56 AM

Hey, I'm totally new to computers and am still learning. I was recently given a server computer from a friend and the computer runs awesome and all but its not exactly what I want right now. I like to play games like battlefield and minecraft and this is the only computer powerful enough to run them to my standards. I'd really like to just take the components out of the rack case and put them into a gaming tower, I'd eventually like to use liquid cooling (it's very loud with all the fans it currently has) and replace the current VelociRaptor boot hard drive with a SSD. So I guess my real question is would any of this be possible, or am I just in over my head here? It has an Intel® Server Board S5500BC for reference if anyone knows of a case that would be compatable.

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