FCC Report: ISPs Getting Closer to Advertised Speeds

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News Posted: Thu, Jul 19 2012 1:10 PM
For too long, the download/upload speeds advertised by ISPs fell far short of real-world performance, but things have been improving of late. According to the FCC’s “Measuring Broadband America” 2012 report, ISPs were delivering an average of 96% of advertised speeds during peak traffic times, which is up significantly from the 87% speed found in the the August 2011 report.

The good news doesn’t stop there; the report found that five ISPs were actually “routinely meeting or exceeding advertised rates”.

Average Peak Period and 24-Hour Sustained Download Speeds as a Percentage of Advertised, by Provider—April 2012 Test Data

Download speeds, broken down by technology, show that DSL on average hit 84% of advertised speeds, while cable managed 99% and fiber delivered a whopping 117%. (During peak hours, those speeds were down a bit from 2011, though.)

Average Peak Period and 24-Hour Sustained Upload Speeds as a Percentage of Advertised, by Provider—April 2012 Test Data

During peak hours, upload speeds were 95% as good as advertised, while it was up to 107% on average. DSL, cable, and fiber services delivered performance of 103%, 110%, and 106%, respectively.

These numbers indicate baby steps toward better broadband for the whole country, but they’re steps nonetheless.
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DHampton replied on Thu, Jul 19 2012 4:54 PM

um lol not even close at least as far as I have noticed speed tested using comcast. Both using 300mbps routers networkcards and cable and comcast charging us out the nose. We maybe get 15mbps of the 150mbps that we pay for cause everyone throttles people that actually use it. We even upgraded to business class paying even more and they still throttle our speeds.

This was probably done under optimum conditions under brand new accounts that had not been throttled yet. Yes they can and will actually provide promised speeds if you dont use it. But every game that uses p2p like wow will cause you to get throttled. Every demo download of xbox live will get you throttled. If you stream more than 2-3 episodes in a day you will get throttled till your internet comes to screeching halt.

Honestly we have to redo comcast subscription every 6 months under different name just to keep our internet above dial up speeds. Sad thing is comcast is best in our area other ones claimed unlimited but when we break first terabyte of data they shut internet off without warning.

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