Louisiana Law Forces Convicted Sex Offenders to Confess on Facebook

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News Posted: Fri, Jun 22 2012 11:34 AM
Listing likes and dislikes, favorite movies, and other similar traits is completely optional on Facebook. Disclaiming crimes of a sexual nature, however, is not for residents of Louisiana. A new law sponsored by Louisiana state rep. Jeff Thompson requires sex offenders and child predators to list their crimes on Facebook and other social networking sites.

Thompson said he hopes the Louisiana law, which goes into effect August 1, 2012, will set a precedent that other states will follow, provided it stands up to what's expected to be a constitutional challenge.

"I don't want to leave in the hands of social network or Facebook administrators, 'Gee, I hope someone is telling the truth," Thompson said. "This is another tool for prosecutors."

There are already laws on the books that require sex offenders to give neighbors and nearby school districts a heads up of their residency in the area, and this law extends that disclaimer online. Specifically, the law states that such individuals "shall include in his profile the networking website and indication that he is a sex offender or child predator and shall include notice of the crime for which he was convicted, the jurisdiction of conviction, a description of his physical characteristics... and his residential address."

What are you feelings on Louisiana's new law? Would you like to see other states implement similar policies? Let us know what you think in the comments section.
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JStewart replied on Fri, Jun 22 2012 1:07 PM

I think keeping kids safe should always be our top priority, but won't this lead to vigilante justice?

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FreeJet replied on Fri, Jun 22 2012 2:19 PM

Forgive me Zuckerberg, for I have sinned.
On the Facebook I have pinned,
All the trans I 'gressed within.
Do not "like" or friend rescind.
You may read my timeline thin.
That's cuz jail I've always been.
Judge me now and you will win?
I'm not sure. A brand new Schwinn?

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rapid1 replied on Fri, Jun 22 2012 7:55 PM

I think this should be US law on all social sites. Of course I believe that specifically any child predator convicted with undeniable evidence should be castrated as well and have a GPS machine tag on his or her ass as well. I do have 3 girls so ya know I take it pretty serious. Oh and as far as that little incident in Texas where the father caught the man he got off really easy (the perpetrator) as far as I am concerned.

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realneil replied on Fri, Dec 28 2012 3:52 PM

Of course I believe that specifically any child predator convicted with undeniable evidence should be castrated as well and have a GPS machine tag on his or her ass as well.


Castration is too good for them. I don't think that it's a cure for their sickness either.

Elimination is a far better idea. Society does not need baby rapers in any shape or form.

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eunoia replied on Fri, Dec 28 2012 8:28 PM



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altereDad replied on Fri, Dec 28 2012 9:05 PM

I don't have a computer.

The state will provide one for you to ensure you're settled in.

It will be hard to implement as this is a global site and not registered locally. They may have a few extra choices on the sign up form. What about existing members? I suspect the state will cover the cost of what Facebook and other social networking sites will require to update the code, as well as perform a required update to profile.

I don't like them as much as the rest, but this is something that will be hard to implement, and unfortunately, it will be slowly adopted, as many state, federal, and international laws must be recognized.

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