Need advice on secure text messaging, HIPAA and Tigertext

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robogurl69 Posted: Tue, Jun 5 2012 12:13 PM

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I don't know if I am supposed to post here, since it looks like it is mostly news posts, but I couldn't find another place on the forum that fit this topic.

I am hoping someone on here might have some IT and BYOD experience be able to help me out with this one.

At the small hospital I work at, I am doing some database work for the admin department and I noticed that they have a lot of doctors texting patient info to other doctors and admin.

The problem is that I found out that the HIPAA laws opens the hospital and doctors up to lawsuits if their phone is lost or stolen since they keep the text messages and patient info on the phone.

I mentioned this to the department head, and he asked me to look into a secure texting solution where encrypted (HIPAA compliant ) txt messages can be sent to cell phones from a computer or other phone.

So far the only solution I have found is

Looks like a closed system, with messages that delete themselves so losing a phone doesn’t open up HIPAA related law suits. They are HIPAA compliant.

At 10$ a month per seat is seems very cost effective and easy to implement.

Since it looks like HIPAA is similar to Sarbanes Oxley, I am hoping some IT people are on this forum and can help me out.

What I would like to know is, does anyone have any experience with Tigertext, and does anyone know any other HIPAA compliant text messaging systems out there?

What about secure Email?

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I was trying to help you out...

This article in ZDNET talks about Tigertext

Since I work in healthcare, and though this thread raises an important issue, and that is using mobile devices to send patient info, and how do you keep it secure. I see how much college students use text messaging, and then they graduate and move into healthcare and other businesses, they will bring texting with them. So I really do think Tigertext and other communication apps will be very important in the future.

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ccurtin84 replied on Tue, Oct 2 2012 11:28 AM is a great and easy solution for 2-way instant and reliable secure messaging  (it does Not use text messaging which is prohibited by JCAHO and text messaging is not secure) for apple, android, and blackberry devices.  The app has many new features now too for user-customization and ease of use that they can show you with a demo or free trial, just request more info from the website.  it also integrates with amtelco's oncall scheduling solutions.

Hope this helps! Good luck! Geeked


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