LaCie Packs 2GHz Processor Into New 2big NAS Drive

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News Posted: Tue, May 15 2012 6:03 PM
LaCie's design instincts haven't changed much over the years, but that's certainly not a bad thing. This week, the company announced a new 2-bay network-attached storage solution aimed at small businesses and power users. The LaCie 2big NAS, design by Neil Poulton, is powered by a 2GHz processor and a bolstered file system. Just think about that: a NAS powered by a 2GHz CPU. A decade ago, just that notion would've invoked laughter. This guy delivers speeds up to 100MB/sec, and functions just fine with Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. Users can schedule shutdown and restart during optimal business hours to boost efficiency. Plus, the LaCie 2big NAS is now ten times more energy efficient when in deep sleep mode. And, thanks to the wake-on-LAN protocol, users can access the 2big NAS from deep sleep without being next to the system.

It'll ship empty or with 6TB within, starting at $299.

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omegadraco replied on Wed, May 16 2012 10:42 AM

This looks like a nice little unit and LaCie generally makes some nice products. 2Ghz processor in a NAS is a bit overkill, but this system definitely will not have a processing bottleneck.

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karanm replied on Wed, May 16 2012 4:53 PM

This looks like an amazing product but having a bigger processor in there won't solve the issue of slow transfer speeds which is mainly caused by slow hard drives. I used to live in a condo where a buddy had a free nas box with a core 2 duo and two 500 gb 5400rpm drives in raid 1. It worked like a charm and we were happy with it until he upgraded the drives to WD caviar Black drives and there was a noticeable difference in speed. This wasn't over a Gigabit network and the drives were setup in raid 1 again.

The deep sleep mode and the shutdown mode are features that free nas doesn't have, and that might be worth the extra money of buying this LaCie product over building your own freenas box.

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ajm531 replied on Thu, May 17 2012 3:56 PM

Ok is just the geek in me or does anyone else get a portal turret/ glados vibe from that casing? Anyone? Turret boxes could be more effective. They are quite impressive specs indeed.

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