EA to present at Ubuntu Developer Summit?

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3vi1 Posted: Sun, May 6 2012 11:52 AM

If this is going to be what people think it's going to be, there are pros and cons:

On the one hand, the prospect of better support for Linux in the gaming arena sounds great! On the other hand, EA is Satan.


I registered just to see what they have to say, but I have all ideas that it won't be as groundbreaking as everyone's hoping.  EA just doesn't strike me as the company that's comfortable with taking the risk to embrace Linux first - that will be Valve.

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eunoia replied on Sun, May 6 2012 5:09 PM



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Hmmm... Do we really want the worst company in America to be the one who jumps into gaming on Linux. The whole idea of native support for games in Linux is great but I don't see EA doing it justice. Either that or they will screw it up and no other companies will want to get into it. Well let's hope that Valve is indeed the ones to do it first.

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