AMD Preps Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition Graphics Card to Compete with Kepler

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News Posted: Sun, May 6 2012 9:23 AM
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) doesn't appear terribly concerned with NVIDIA's Kepler architecture at the moment. If you recall, it took some time for AMD to roll out price cuts for its Radeon HD 7000 Series graphics cards after Kepler made its official entrance. But now that there's a dual-Kepler graphics card -- GeForce GTX 690, see our review here -- AMD can no longer claim it has the fastest single videocard on the planet. How do you respond if you're AMD?

According to a report in Australia's Atomic MPC, AMD's response is to goose its Radeon HD 7970 graphics card and launch a GHz Edition SKU. As the name implies, the revised card will sport a 1GHz GPU clockspeed, up from the current reference of 925MHz.

AMD's official reasoning for the clockspeed bump at this point in time is because of improved yields. With better silicon coming through the pipeline, AMD claims the average voltage required for a 925MHz clockspeed is now much lower than before, and that the current crop of chips are ramping up to 1,250MHz with little trouble. That being the case, it's curious why AMD isn't aiming a little higher, perhaps 1,150MHz or 1,200MHz, which would still give yields a bit of breathing room, but it appears the Santa Clara chip designer is content to stop at 1,000MHz and market the card as the third GHz Edition in the Radeon HD 7000 lineup.
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RLott replied on Sun, May 6 2012 2:39 PM

AMD Preps Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition Graphics Card to Compete with Kepler....

epic fail

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Wow, isn't that witty. ^

I own cards from both camps..and have for a while now. I own 7970's and they OC like beasts as it is. The 7970 competes easily when OC'd with my 680 OCed.

They are great cards with a TON of overclocking head room. I can't wait to see the 680 Classy (hopefully we will get to unlock voltages to see what this card can REALLY do).

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@"^epic fail"

well, for now to compete successfully with Kepler, and win, it's enough to be available to people :)

as i'm 'informed', nvidia launched whole lineup on keplers, while i can see only one talked about and none in retail (at least where i live). the wisdom is in this - "we're not in kansas anymore" - launches aren't at the same time. when there is 4-5 months gap, it is expected newer product to be better. but also it is likely that following AMD generation will be launched ahead for about same period, again taking the performance...

things don't look too good for nvidia, as they are likely to enter price-war much earlier than amd, at least on budget segment which gives majority of profit (even if they came out with better product). time and quarterly earnings will tell...

(oh, i'm amd buyer for years, but in order to keep them from in cpu business  while possible. in my price segment it was always more question of preference, since price war evens things up - besides 5770 was hell of the card - for a price, of course. without saying, i don't hate nvidia as such, and have owned few of them when they were good buy - maybe even my next budget card will be green-made IF IT EVER COMES TO STORES. really. haven't even a quantity for reviewers? talking about soft and weak launch...) 

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Umm didn't a manufactur (Sapphire) already release a GHZ edition... Sorry AMD this is not going to cut it because anyone can bump the clock on their card. Get it together, you are failing to Intel and Nvidia left and right.

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