Antec Rolls Out High Current Pro 1000 Platinum Power Supply

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News Posted: Wed, Mar 21 2012 11:22 AM
Remember when a 350W power supply would get the job done? In some builds, a modest amount of wattage is all you need, but today's high-end systems demand much, much more. Hence why there are so many beefy power supplies on the market, like Antec's newly minted High Current Pro 1000 Platinum PSU with 80 Plus Platinum certification.

It's actually Antec's first kilowatt-class PSU to be 80 Plus Platinum certified, which means you can count on a minimum 89 percent efficiency at 20-100 percent load levels. Antec says it runs as efficiently as 94 percent.

"We wanted to give users the best possible feature set for their investment in a 1000 watt power supply," said Mafalda Cogliani, Global Marketing Director at Antec. "We designed a highly versatile, practical cabling to maximize cable management options and pushed High Current Pro to Platinum-certified efficiency to create a PSU package unrivaled by competitors at this wattage class."

The HCP-1000 sports a quad +12V rail design that delivers 40A of output with low ripple and noise levels. It's fully modular with "Stealth Wires" (darkened wires to reduce visibility) and slim 8-pin connectors, and you can plug two of them into each of the unit's future-proof 16-pin sockets, which pave the way for future connectors sporting 10, 12, 14, and 16 pins, Antec says.

The HCP-1000 is available now for $270 MSRP.
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realneil replied on Wed, Mar 21 2012 7:25 PM

I think that I might try Antec out again. I haven't heard a lot of user anguish about that brand in a long time, so maybe their quality is better than it was when I swore off of them years ago.

I wonder if this PSU is modular?

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AKwyn replied on Wed, Mar 21 2012 10:40 PM

That power supply does look good; I've never tried Antec and possibly never will but if that PSU has one thing, it's that picture of it's insides.


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3vi1 replied on Sat, Mar 24 2012 11:19 AM

Hey guys!  LTNS! 

I've spread myself too thin and should probably be working on my Cryptography and SEfSaaS homework right now, but as I sometimes lurk here between lectures and projects I had to chime in on this one:

I just bought an Antec High Current Pro 1200 and used it to replace the failed XION 1000w power supply that came in the iBuyPower rig I won here almost two years ago (The rig is a beast and still performing great in every other way.  I love it and only wish that I could have put the cabling back as nicely as iBuyPower had it. <g>).

Anyway, here's my impression of the Antec PS:  QUALITY, QUALITY, QUALITY.  If the HCP-1000 is as well made as the HCP-1200, I would have to highly recommend it.  On the 1200, the important and most common cables are permanently connected, but there are modular jacks for all the peripheral stuff you might not need.  And, it comes with all the modular cables I could ever imagine needing.  As I understand it, The HCP-1000 platinum has high quality modular jacks for *everything* - so you can really optimize air-flow.

At any rate, if there's one component you don't want to skimp on, it's the power supply.  I always buy more than I need, then end up moving the same one from rig to rig as I upgrade - it's one of the few components that can last you through multiple builds/upgrades.  On the other end of the spectrum, In my early days I had two cheapo power supplies (that came with cases I had bought) totally fry other system components - after only several months of use.  So, 1) *Never skimp on the power supply*.  and 2) While the Antec was more expensive than the Cooler Master, RaidMax, and other brands with similar stats that I looked at, I bought it because I've had good experiences with Antec's quality in the past - and I think it was totally worth it.

P.S. - Compared to the 'bargain' PS's, these Antec PS's are *heavy*.   Heavy = thicker wires and larger/more capacitors and heat sinks = higher quality.  It is almost comical how much heavier the Antec is than the XION it replaced.

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