Faulty Recipe: Error in Raspberry Pi's Production Delays Shipments

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News Posted: Sun, Mar 11 2012 11:51 AM
When you don't follow a recipe exactly as it's laid out, you risk ruining whatever it is you're trying to concoct. Like a Raspberry Pi. The cooks in Raspberry Pi's supply chain didn't play close enough attention to the ingredients list and baked in a substitute part by mistake. Instead of using Ethernet jacks with magnetics, the first batch of Raspberry Pi systems came out of the oven with non-magnetic jacks, and in this specific case, that's a pretty big deal.

"As you’ll have noticed, there’s been a bit of a delay in shipping the first batch of Raspberry Pis out to people. This is because of a hardware parts substitution that was made in the factory by accident: specifically, where we’d specified jacks with integrated magnetics in the BOM and schematics, the factory soldered in non-magnetic jacks," the Raspberry Pi team stated in a blog post. "No magnetics means no network connection. We’ve known about this for four days now, but we haven’t been able to tell you about it because it meant we had to do some further tests to make sure that nothing else was affected."

The Ethernet jack on the left has integrated magentics and is required for the Rasperry Pi; the one on the right does not and was accidentally installed at the factory.

The company says it's a "very minor problem to fix" and that the factory baking these things is nearly finished replacing the incorrect part on the first set of boards, which are still scheduled to ship out on time. Subsequent shipments, however, may suffer a "slight delay," though only if there's a problem sourcing enough magnetic jacks since some of the ones on hand are of the wrong variety.

"We are very, very sorry. We know you want your Raspberry Pi as soon as possible (and many of you are being inhumanly patient, having followed us since we launched this website eight months ago)," the Raspberry Pi team added. "We’ll keep you updated with how manufacture is moving; this is, in the scheme of things, a minor problem, but it’s still a bump in the road and we know that we rely on your goodwill to keep things moving forward."

Props to Raspberry Pi for the transparency.
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realneil replied on Mon, Mar 12 2012 4:42 PM

It's cheap enough to get just to try out and then give it away to someone else.

I can wait for Pi, no problemo.

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