Microsoft Unveiling Windows 8 Consumer Preview On Feb. 29th

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News Posted: Wed, Feb 8 2012 7:32 PM
Doing anything special for leap year? Now you are. Microsoft just announced that a Windows 8 Consumer Preview will be made available to the public starting Feb. 29th, between 3PM and 5PM, presumably local time. Oddly, the move is being made in conjunction with the Mobile World Congress trade show, which is obviously focused on mobile, not desktop. Granted, a few tablets do debut at MWC, usually with LTE or 3G onboard, but this is still a curious decision. Unless, of course, you assume that Microsoft will use this to introduce the first concept phone with Windows 8 onboard. Crazy? Maybe, but still entirely within the realm of possibility. Either way, get your bandwidth ready for the 29th, as a new version of Win8 will be coming down the pike for you to test out.

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Looking forward to downloading a more stable version than the developers preview.

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CDeeter replied on Thu, Feb 9 2012 1:58 PM

So it's only available for 2 hours?

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I think they mean it will become available sometime in that two hour gap. I cant wait for this...i need to reinstall windows on my lappy anyway...might as well try something fresh.

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Download it between the given time feb 29 from 3:00 -5:00 PM. YAY I'm going to download it :) i want to see what is under the hood!

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