Generic Non PnP Monitor Reading with Dual Monitors

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Iain Posted: Sun, Jan 8 2012 2:52 PM

I recently just lost a ton of my equipment to a power surge and both of my 22" monitors happened to be included in the lot (along with just about everything else elctrical...) so I had to replace them. I opted for two Hannspree SL231 23" 1920x1080 monitors and wow! Just the one looks awesome but there's a problem. My computer seems not to be picking up the second one. It reads that there is a second monitor but instead of saying SL231 like the working monitor it just says Generic Non PnP Monitor and nothing shows up the second monitor. I've tested the ports on my GPU out and it's really quite odd. Port 1 works (it's a gtx 260 192 core btw) and when I plug the first monitor into it everything is fine. If I plug both in then the first works and the other doesn't. Now here's where it gets really screwy: the second montior plugged into the first port of the GPU is read as the SECOND monitor without the first one even being plugged in! Wtf?! Any ideas??? Hopefully I just need a clean windows install...



Thanks guys!


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