Amazon Celebrates A Wild Holiday 2011; Kindle Sales Way Up

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News Posted: Fri, Dec 30 2011 12:38 AM
Every now and then, Amazon claims to have the best season ever. Oh, it's the holidays! Just like clockwork, Amazon is celebrating a post-Christmas success, with 2011 being the 'best holiday ever for Kindle.' The company oday announced that 2011 was the best holiday ever for the Kindle family as customers purchased millions of Kindle Fires and millions of Kindle e-readers. Authors also continue to benefit from the success of Kindle - the #1 and #4 best-selling Kindle books released in 2011 were both published independently by their authors using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

"We are grateful to our customers worldwide for making this the best holiday ever for Kindle," said Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO. "And in a huge milestone for independent publishing, we'd also like to congratulate Darcie Chan, the author of 'The Mill River Recluse,' and Chris Culver, the author of 'The Abbey,' for writing two of the best-selling Kindle books of the year."

Crazier still are the rest of the records. Kindle Fire is the #1 best-selling, most gifted, and most wished for product across the millions of items available on since its introduction 13 weeks ago. Kindle is also the best-selling product on,,, and this holiday season. Christmas Day was the biggest day ever for Kindle book downloads, and Kindle Fire is the best-selling product on's mobile website and across all of's mobile applications.

Plenty more stats follow below. Must be nice to be Bezos.

Businesses Selling on Amazon

2011 was also a record-breaking holiday season for businesses that sell on Amazon. Third-party sellers experienced record holiday growth: the number of sellers who exceeded $5,000 in sales during the holiday season increased 44 percent year-over-year. For the year, businesses on Amazon sold hundreds of millions of units worth billions of dollars worldwide.

Scharf Industries, an office supplies and electronics provider, increased its sales on Amazon by over 500 percent this holiday season compared with last holiday season.

"We greatly value the cooperation that we have developed with Amazon," said Andrew D. Scharf, CMO of Scharf Industries. "They have provided us with the tools necessary to grow our business in a rapid and efficient manner."

Ken Reiss, the owner of Reiss Innovations, LLC, started with one Amazon Webstore, selling five to 10 mouse pads for the year. Six years later he has a successful eCommerce business, selling through multiple Amazon Webstores. Just this year alone, Reiss saw a 21 percent increase in sales compared with the holiday season last year. He has also increased the number of product listings by 50 percent over 2010 and recently extended his business to Canada.

According to Reiss, one of the most beneficial aspects of his relationship with Amazon is that "It allows me to scale in efficiency. I can devote my time to building vendor relations and growing my inventory, rather than worrying about logistical aspects, such as shipping products." Reiss currently stores 90 percent of his inventory in Amazon's warehouses, up from 75 percent last year.
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OSunday replied on Fri, Dec 30 2011 1:52 AM

I saw at least 10 Kindle Fires given as gifts to people by friends and family from all sorts of economic status'

Amazon's carved themselves out a nice little niche with this economically priced, but quality tablet

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LBowen replied on Fri, Dec 30 2011 1:59 AM

We were constantly sold out of the Kindle Fire. The closer it got to Christmas you couldn't find it at any Officemax. It was mind boggling to me when this one guy got mad and walked out of the store when I said we wouldn't receive any more shipments until after Christmas.

"I have the power!!"

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CDeeter replied on Fri, Dec 30 2011 7:52 AM

Looks like they found the sweet spot price for a tablet. Doesn't hurt to have a quality product either :-)

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RichB1946 replied on Sat, Dec 31 2011 11:23 AM

I ordered my Fire the first day I could. I am overjoyed with what it can do for $199.00. The content available is increasing daily. The first fix came ASAP and was seamless. My wife said why do we need that? Now I can’t keep her off of it playing Angry Birds, reading books, Pac Man etc., etc. It is not an I Pad but it is not $800.00 either. I would not buy an I Pad. I am waiting for the Asus Transformer Tegra 3 with optional keyboard. I am typing on an Asus All in One 24 " I-5 8 Meg, One Terabyte HD Touch Screen, the absolute BEST Desk Top I have ever owned and I go back to the Radio Shack Model 1 4K cassette. Been deeply involved in PC ever since. Translation Geek at 65 years young. Asus Rocks and will blow away the I Pad when it hits the market. Happy New Year to All Geeks! (;>

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