An Interview with SiSoft Sandra Developer, Adrian Silasi

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News Posted: Wed, Dec 28 2011 12:12 PM

An Interview with SiSoft Sandra's Developer, Adrian SilasiLast month, SiSoftware released the 2012 edition of Sandra, the popular system analysis and benchmarking program. We recently sat down with Adrian Silasi, the creator and chief developer of Sandra, to discuss how he got started, how Sandra distinguishes itself in a crowded marketplace, and whether we'll see the utility popping up on other devices in the future...

An Interview with SiSoft Sandra Developer, Adrian Silasi

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Great program, I started using it in 1996 to test and tweak the intel 233 MHz Pentium II processors that we over clocked to 350 MHz . I think I still have the disk that downloaded the program onto. Along with Win 95 on Floppy disk.

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Like one 3 months ago I was overcloking my cpu and i ran prime for 24 hours with no errors. memtest for like  8 hours and ran a lot of bench, stable with no crash.So I decided to buy sandra, when I started the test it crashed, I increased the vcore and that was it. I no longer  100% confident of prime95 anymore,but it still helps when testing your overclock..

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