LG Reveals Swanky New 3D Glasses For CES 2012

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News Posted: Tue, Dec 27 2011 12:31 AM
3D had a huge coming-out party at CES 2011, and it's looking like that trend will continue into 2012. LG, shortly after introducing a majorly huge 55" OLED HDTV, is announcing their newest collection of 3D glasses, including a pair designed by renowned eyewear designer Alain Mikli. They'll be introduced in Q1 2012, with the F310, the clip-on F320 and the Alain Mikli F360 being lighter and more comfortable to wear while upgraded design features such as curved lenses and clean frame structure have transitioned 3D glasses from burdensome requirements to stylish fashion accessories.

"Compared to active shutter glasses, LG's 3D glasses are far more comfortable to wear and much more affordable, making it possible for large groups and entire families to watch 3D programs and movies together," said Havis Kwon, President and CEO of the LG Home Entertainment Company. "LG is addressing two of the biggest barriers to 3D acceptance head-on and we're confident consumers will react favorably to our strategy in the coming year."

The F310 is characterized by a distinctive design that combines soft lines within a slim frame. Unlike many previous 3D glasses, the lenses have been curved to better accommodate the shape of the wearer's face, as well as to improve the overall CINEMA 3D viewing experience. The F310 weighs a mere 13.5 grams, making it 20 percent lighter than LG's previous design. Another new item for 2012 includes the clip-on F320. Clip-on 3D glasses are unique to 3D TVs based on Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) technology, which is at the heart of CINEMA 3D TV. Compared to the previous generation clip-on 3D glasses, the F320 weighs 25 percent less at 5.5 grams.

Developed in collaboration with Alain Mikli, the F360's half-rim frame design is sportier and only weighs 16 grams. The lenses of the F360 have been curved and cover most of the wearer's face, deepening the immersive CINEMA 3D experience. The stylish F360, as well as all 3D glasses from LG, can also worn in theaters showing 3D movies since both CINEMA 3D and theaters utilize the same FPR and RealD technologies.

Pricing? It remains to be seen, but we're sure they won't be impulse buys.
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RTietjens replied on Tue, Dec 27 2011 12:23 PM

3D glasses: No. Do. Not. Want.

If you can't give me 3D at the same price as 2D, without glasses, and without severely limiting the viewing angle, then your technology is not ready for the consumer marketplace.

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DDeveaux replied on Tue, Dec 27 2011 2:58 PM

Considering I already wear glasses, I think the clip-on ones would be ideal - and would probably help convince me to upgrade to a 3D TV once I decide to upgrade from my current 40" LCD TV.

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eunoia replied on Wed, Dec 28 2011 12:57 PM



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