Will 750W PSU enough for SLI 2x GTX580?

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JuicyFruitSweeT Posted: Sun, Dec 11 2011 12:24 AM

I was wondering if it's safe to SLI 2 of the GTX580 or that's just too risky.
System might hang or not even boot up since I don't have enough juice to power them up

And I have a 750W XFX Power Supply (not some generic one)

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AKwyn replied on Sun, Dec 11 2011 12:26 AM

The 750W XFX power supply may be enough to power two of the 580's but I recommend something like an 850W for just a little bit extra power (these things can reach over 900W when overclocked and these cards have high power consumption, best to be safe.); you don't want your 750W power supply to shut down due to it not having enough power would you.


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Just to be on the safe side, go for something more powerful. Because those cards are quite power hungry. 

Along with that, you'll probably have some extra hardware. 

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If you upgrade components  often i will go with 1,000 watts and up :) future proof ...

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Max power consumption is about 300W for the card, 400 to 450 with the rest of the system, maybe even 500W. 750W just will not cut it. Sorry bud.

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