Mozilla, Google Negotiating New Search Deal

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News Posted: Mon, Dec 5 2011 3:33 PM
Google and Mozilla have a common enemy in the browser wars in Microsoft, but perhaps more importantly, the two software companies have an even greater common interest: money. Since that's the case, it would be in both of their interests to work together if it means lining their pockets with cash, and that's what the two have decided to do.

If you poked your head on HotHardware over the weekend, you would have read how Google is in position to deal a death blow to Firefox, or at least make things very difficult for Mozilla (and if not, see here). The upside for Google is that without Firefox in the picture, Chrome becomes a ginormous No. 2 player in the browser market, and perhaps picks up enough users to jump ahead of Internet Explorer. But by renewing its search agreement with Mozilla, Google can ensure a steady stream of ad revenue resulting from all those diehard Firefox fans.

"We generally don't disclose specific terms of business agreements. We can confirm that we still have an agreement with Mozilla, but have nothing new to share at this time," a Google spokesperson told CNet News.

Mozilla wasn't willing to get into specifics either, but also confirmed that its "search relationship with Google remains positive for both" parties. Moreover, Mozilla expressed "confidence that search partnerships will continue to be a strong and growing generator of revenue for the foreseeable future."
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CLo replied on Mon, Dec 5 2011 4:24 PM

looks like google is going to devour Mozilla

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I stopped using Firefox about a year ago. IE 9 really isn't that bad and as for Chrome, it's ok too. But for browsing just random sites, IE 9 seems to get fewer mishaps with sites than either Firefox or Chrome..since most seem to build their site around IE.

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OSunday replied on Mon, Dec 5 2011 7:26 PM

As long as IE is the browser with the most market share, web designer and programs will continue to design things around internet explorer, which is not what consumers want when technologies like HTML5 are trying to improve the internet but cant because internet explorer is still the most popular browser.

I think even though Google could've eradicated 85% of Mozilla's revenue they didn't because Microsoft would pounce on the chance to increase Bing's usage and fight off the threat Google poses to them

Hopefully, Google will increase the depth of their partnership with Mozilla or just buy them out to get their increase in browser usage growing even faster, Mozilla and Chrome users combined would rival the amount of IE users and might be tempting and appealing enough to get web designers to start using newer better technologies like HTML5

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AKwyn replied on Mon, Dec 5 2011 9:52 PM

I think even though Google could've eradicated 85% of Mozilla's revenue they didn't because Microsoft would pounce on the chance to increase Bing's usage and fight off the threat Google poses to them

I doubt that, mostly because though a simple Google search, turns out that Mozilla has deals with all major search engines plus a few outside sources. So losing Google won't be as harmful to Mozilla as once thought but it's still going to be a major blow.

Still, I think that the fact they're still negotiating still proves that Google at least considers Mozilla to be some sort of asset; I mean if they wanted Chrome to be dominant they would just cut off all ties with Mozilla in an instant but the fact that they're willing to negotiate proves that they may have a future... Well not a good future but a future nonetheless; sure Mozilla has less of a hand when it comes to negotiations but I still think they can pull it off, and not because they want to destroy one enemy (Microsoft).


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LBowen replied on Mon, Dec 5 2011 10:26 PM

Keep your friends close but keep your competition closer. I have a lot of add-ons with Mozilla that I wouldn't want to part with so this is a good move for me.

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So basically Mozilla is the "step child" to Chrome, makes since to me and I don't mind the competition.

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Mozilla is most definitely my browser of choice. I doubt Google could kill them completely but they certainly could hurt them by now renewing the search contract. Of course this means they will hurt their pocket as well and luckily for FF fans Google is smart and realizes this.

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Lets keep this going, but even if Google decides to not continue i would still be using it.

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do not get comfortable. because trust me, devs/designers are starting to just say "FUUU IE!!!" for public sites

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Manduh replied on Tue, Dec 6 2011 5:12 PM

Even though I don't use FF much, I'm glad it'll be sticking around. It's good to have choices. FF or Chrome.

As for IE it's not on my list.

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The more browser choices, the better.

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AKnudson replied on Tue, Dec 6 2011 10:09 PM

The out come of google absorbing mozilla or completely destroying them would be fantastic. the pressure that would be put on safari and explorer could produce some of the best browsing renovations that have ever happened. i hold my breath for the day that explorer safari and chrome are tied and each wants it all.

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realneil replied on Wed, Dec 7 2011 11:56 AM

Looking for innovation from IE would be like trying to take a leak in a windstorm. You'd just end up ~soaked~ in your own aspirations.

I learned from first hand experience ~not to trust IE~ on any system that had DATA on it that I couldn't afford to lose. The list of IE's failings throughout the years is legion.

On the other hand, through the years, Firefox has consistently delivered new ideas and functionality to the world of browsers. Most of these were ~copied~ by the IE team.

Google brought a new concept to browsers too.

Opera has innovated in the past, and just released a brand new browser yesterday.

Using IE is like being slowly pecked to death by Chickens.

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