RunCore Brings New SSD To Life: InVincible V Series

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News Posted: Wed, Nov 23 2011 3:27 AM
It's a common refrain about these parts, but so what? A new SSD? Sign us up! As flash storage continues to make its way towards the mainstream, RunCore has announced their new InVincible V Series of SSDs, which have passed a series of screening tests in full accordance with MIL requirements such as temperature, vibration, shock, salt spray - compliant with MIL-810F and GJB150 - can still exhibit superior performance in extreme environments.

The product adopts SATA II interface and is compliant with Serial ATA 2.6 protocol; Up to 240MB/s read and 220MB/s write, featuring 4k random writes up to 5,000 IOPS; Maximum capacities of 512GB in MLC and 256GB in SLC; Global Wear Leveling can effectively extend the service life for the product while SSD Life Guard technology can monitor the status of the drive; SSDLifeSaver technology can consistently backup existing data to prevent accidental loss of data. For data security, InVincible V offers an optional function – intelligent self-erase which once triggered, it can quickly and thoroughly erase data to prevent information leak.

InVincible V has made upgrades in order to meet the customer needs of high-speed and large-capacity. Meanwhile, data destruction and SSD reliability have also been made corresponding optimizes. The product can be widely used in reinforced computer, high speed data acquisition and processing equipment, Military information processing systems as well as other related applications.

No word on price, but hopefully it'll blow rivals out of the water. Come on down, SSD prices!
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omegadraco replied on Wed, Nov 23 2011 11:10 AM

Mil standards + some very nice corporate/sensitive data features. I like it quite a bit, I am sure the price certainly will not be cheap.

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rapid1 replied on Wed, Nov 23 2011 1:10 PM

Kind of not exciting as it is a SATA 2 device which basically makes it pointless for the market to me especially on a corporate usage pattern where an SATA3 drive would perform better which would be the main reason of upgrading or adding SSD's to a corporate raid/server stack etc.

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